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Beyond Continuing Education Credits A Journey Toward Mastery

The following courses are based on my life’s interest, passion, and journey, which continues to be a work in progress. A work that seeks to understand the human body and its response to exercise from a perspective of the various structures that comprise our anatomy and their tolerance and sustainability to exercise through the life span. This includes mechanical, emotional, physiological, neuromuscular, and endocrine systems interdependencies. 

My experience as a trainer and educator has taught me that many people want to be masters and experts in their chosen profession, but only a few have the commitment, courage, passion, sacrifice, and tolerance to make it happen.

Vincent Carvelli, B.S. M.Ed.(c), R.T.S.


This Coursework Is for the Few and Not the Many

  • Although every course offered will provide CECs, attendance alone will not grant you CECs, to the best of your ability; engagement and participation are required.
  • Every course will enhance and advance your knowledge of the human body and its relationship to exercise.
  • You will benefit the most by seeking to understand and not memorize; keeping an open mind and a willingness to see things from multiple perspectives is essential. 
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