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Beyond Continuing Education Credits: A Journey Toward Mastery

Beyond the CEC, Mastery courses are not for those seeking CEC credits per se. The following courses are created to share with like-minded professionals who believe their professional responsibility and knowledge go far beyond a degree or certification. 

I continuously seek to further my understanding of the mind-body relationship and its responses and adaptations to the various internal and external challenges we experience throughout our lifespans.

I am fortunate to have had and continue to have brilliant, passionate, challenging mentors and educators who have provided me with the tools necessary to be analytical and deductive. We have proven time and time again that what “We know” (Knowledge) is as of this moment, and without reflection and the continual challenge of our knowledge, we will never discover how much more there is to “Know.”  

My training and education are focused on Exercise Biomechanics, Human Development, Health Science, and Neuroscience, all of which continue to be a work in progress. Marcel Proust’s quote sums it up, “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

My experience as a trainer and educator has taught me that many people want to be masters and experts in their chosen profession. Still, very few have the commitment, courage, passion, sacrifice, and tolerance to make it happen. If you are one of the few, I hope our paths cross!

Vincent Carvelli, B.S. M.Ed.

Resistance Training Specialist 2

NSCA Certified CPT

NASM Certified CPT

  • Although every course provides CECs, attendance alone will not be enough to grant you CEC’S. To the best of your ability, engagement and participation are required.
  • Every course will enhance your knowledge of the human body and its relationship to exercise.
  • You will benefit the most by seeking to understand and not memorize; keeping an open mind and a willingness to see things from multiple perspectives is essential. 
Hybrid Hybrid Event


  • Hybrid Class

Presenter: Vincent Carvelli

This course is for personal trainers and rehabilitation professionals seeking the advanced skills required to provide their clients and patients with the ultimate exercise experience.

RTS is for the unbiased exercise professional, focusing on exercise design, execution, delivery, and decision-making for the individual client or patient.

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