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Meditation and Personal Training

Meditation Certification Expands the Services Provided by Fitness Professionals

Meditation, a buzz word and hot trend right now among many circles. Spas, fitness studios and wellness clinics are beginning to add meditation classes to their class schedules. Meditation is a mental exercise that when practiced routinely trains the brain to think, process and react differently. Just like physical exercise, this mental exercise has many benefits backed by science including its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, improve cognitive function, improve focus, strengthen the immune system and improve cardiovascular health.

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Can Movement Patterns Really Be Standardized?

At AAPTE, we believe structure determines function and condition of structure determines opportunity. “Training movement” is a piece of the exercise equation. Our partner at The Cofactor, wrote a clear and concise article that addresses why training movement patterns without a functional understanding of what is moving, is a concern.

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A Comparison Between Plant and Whey Protein Supplements

Your body requires a balanced diet for proper function. This includes proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and minerals. Proteins are essential in the body for proper brain function, tissue repair and regeneration, metabolism and boosting the body immunity among others. Protein is a component of body cells and is a component of a healthy diet.

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips Every Personal Trainer Should Know

Social networking is crucial in today’s marketing world and is an integral part of promoting your business. Being a personal trainer means you are in charge of your own marketing; Here are some tips:

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The Effects of Sugar on Health

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting your intake of solid fats and added sugars to between 5 and 15 percent of your daily diet. Added sugars increase your calorie intake without providing the body with essential minerals. They also increase your risk for diseases such as diabetes, heart failure and obesity among others. Traditionally, fruits were the primary sources of sugar. Today, you find processed sugar in almost all packed foods.

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Effects of Plant-Based Diets on Human Performance

A plant-based diet focuses on whole, unprocessed or minimally processed plants. Fruits, whole grains, vegetables, legumes and tubes dominate the plant-based diet while encouraging the reduction or complete removal of meats, dairy products and eggs. Other foods it excludes or minimizes include oils, unhealthy fats, refined sugars and bleached flour.

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Plant-Based Diets and Health

Over the last few decades, the world has witnessed significant increase in obesity, heart disease and diabetes among other ailments. Although these diseases have numerous risk factors, diet is usually cited as a major contributor and lifestyle choices may either increase or reduce the risk of contracting them. Many nutritionists and doctors continue to recommend plant-based diet and exclusion of animal products and processed food. While total vegan diets may help cut down the risk of contracting different diet-influenced diseases, they are not 100%. In fact, research studies show that excluding all animal products from diet may expose you to iron, protein and Vitamin B12 deficiencies among others. It is therefore important to carefully review all these diets and find out what they provide and lack.

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Current State of the Personal Fitness Industry

For a fitness professional, understanding the field is important to your success in the rapidly growing industry. The American fitness industry commands a whole 5 billion dollars in paid gym subscriptions. Furthermore, there is an opportunity for more subscriptions to fitness centers. According to CDC, 70% of persons aged over 20 years are overweight whereas 35% have been diagnosed with obesity in the United States. Besides, there has been increased awareness about fitness and healthy living habits.

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4 Ways To Make Your Personal Training Career More Successful

Personal training is a highly competitive field with many very knowledgeable and skilled professionals competing for clients. The good news is that the aging baby boomers have a greater interest in personal training than past generations and there has been a growing need for personal trainers. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to learn motivational strategies, specialize in a specific type of client, open up multiple revenue streams and remain committed to your education.

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