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Vincent Carvelli

Vincent Carvelli

Vincent Carvelli B.S., M.Ed., RTS, CPT

President - Chief Exercise Biomechanics Instructor

Vincent’s training career began in 1990 when he earned his first of many nationally accredited personal training certifications. During his tenure as a personal trainer, he logged over 28,000 hours of session time by 2008.

Since 1991, Vincent has owned, managed, worked with, and consulted for many personal training facilities, schools, and nationally recognized health and fitness organizations. In 1996, Vincent co-founded the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE), an education, continuing education, and nationally accredited personal training certification organization. In 2021, the AAPTE rebranded as APTE. Vincent has been president and director of education and Resistance Training Exercise Biomechanics instructor since 1996. 

In 2008, Vincent created a two-year, nine-hundred-hour Integrative Sports Medicine – Personal Trainer curriculum, approved by the New York State Department of Education, offered at Joseph M. Barry Career and Technical Education Center in Westbury, New York. Vincent continues to write curriculum, mentor, and present professional development courses for personal trainers and health professionals.

He has presented nationally for AAPTE, IDEA Health and Fitness Association, the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (NYS AHPERD), and universities. 

He is the U.S.-authorized Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) Level-1 instructor for the Resistance Training Specialist Level-1 Course. In addition to being frequently featured in media outlets, Vincent has contributed to industry publications and educational textbooks.

Current Certifications: 

New York State Certified Teacher

Resistance Training Specialist RTS2

National Academy of Sports Medicine 

The National Strength and Conditioning Association 

AHA BLS Instructor

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